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According to the sleep cycle theory, humans will experience light to deep sleep and then light to deep sleep agiain during the night (NREM1 to NREM3 to REM/NREM1 to NREM3 sleep). Fitsleep α 1 emits alpha brainwaves during light sleep, speeding up the transformation to deep sleep, hence increasing deep sleep duration and improving sleep efficiency.

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Non-Distruptive Accuracy

The most accurate sleep monitor in the industry

Alpha Wave Non-Disruptive Design

Can be placed under your pillow, mattress, or even couch cushion

Revolutionary Accuracy Intelligent Device

Patented algorithm provides personalized data, and tailored sleep tips

Extensive Sleep Analysis Sleep Community

Use the companion app and cloud technology to share data with your loved ones

Extensive Sleep Analysis Sleep Study Center

Collaborates with the Sleep Research Center of Peking University and other clinics

Extensive Sleep Analysis Top Tier Manufacturer

Manufacturing process is strictly controlled by outstanding senior engineers

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